BSidesLondon Ticket Competition

March 27th 2012

Finux Tech Weekly BSidesLondon Ticket Competition

So you missed out on a ticket for BSidesLondon? All your mates got one and you failed. You're even on the waiting list, well guess what? It sucks to be you. However at FTW we love you freetard hacker folks, so we called in favours, we sent jac0byterebel along with a wrench and diplomatically secured a ticket to give away in our awesome FTW T-shirt competition. Now here's your chance to join the cool kids and win your ticket right now.

The FTW crew are all going to be at BSidesLondon and as we all know hackers are 85% caffinated drinks 5% hacking and 10% t-shirts. Guess what, we're lacking our 10%. Design a Finux Tech Weekly BSidesLondon edition t-shirt for the lads to wear and the winning design gets a BSidesLondon ticket, and more importantly they'll also see the FTW crew wearing their design.

The only requirement is that it must incorporate BSidesLondon and Finux Tech Weekly. We will announce the winner on the show due to air on the 13th of April. The winner will be the one that Finux and the lads agree is awesome. The winner will be contacted prior to the show being released and the name of the person the ticket is for will be needed then. Good luck, and stay cool.

Love Finux and the lads Xx

To enter email your design to finuxtechweekly (you know the drill) gmail (dot) com with the sentence "I'd like finux and the lads to wear my design because....."

Update 28th March 2012

So some lovely person made a complaint to BSidesLondon about this competition. Even worse, that fine example of an individual didn't have the decency to contact us about it.

1st, Its not rigged. If you don't trust me and the FTW lads then don't download our show. For the rest of you, I'm sure my word is enough. All though if by some small grace of god you are related to Anyone on the show. Tough luck you ain't getting in the comp. Also if you are related to me or any of the other boys, Y U NOT DO US T-SHIRT DESIGN BEFORE NOW!!!!

2nd, Apparently the criteria is unclear. I shall fix this right now, you design a t-shirt that incorporates Finux Tech Weekly and BSidesLondon. We at FTW will look at the design and make a choice. The WINNER to be clear is the one me and the lads invest our OWN money in getting t-shirt design printed. Its a bit like another comp for a ticket recently given, all though the Eurotrash boys word was taken on face value and ours isn't!

3rd, Some maybe worried the i'm collecting email address for illicit purposes. Okay i would have thought a competition for a BSidesLondon ticket may net a few emails address but i reckon time and effort Google might be my friend, if this was my goal. So i will delete the emails afterwards, i'm sure that's what was on all of your minds when you looked over this comp.

4th, Proper shame someone in OUR community of awesome hackers and defenders has to be such a doosh.

5th, rock on peeps and get design


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