Dear Internet,

I find myself writing something to you that I wished I never had to write. Our dear and close friend Mike Kemp, passed away this morning (26th March 2019). He was surrounded by his much loved partner, Mel, and his mother and father, when he passed.

As anyone who knew Mike will tell you, he was a character. Truly loveable, and heart so large that you could only admire him. This is as difficult to write as it is to read, but Mike now lives on in all of us. I spent some time with him in the hospice over the weekend, and I can assure you with all my heart, he was looking for peace. His mother and father asked me on Sunday to let all those that cared and loved him to know they were touched by all of your love.

Mike was my friend, one of my dearest. I’ll miss him forever, and then some. But the truth is Mike wouldn’t be interested in you being upset, he wouldn’t be interested in the tears you cry today, but the chaos you cause tomorrow. He was fighter, stood for what was right, and delivered hope to many. The world is a little colder today, it is our job to keep each other warm. One of the many things I loved about Mike, was everyone had such amazing ‘Mike Kemp’ stories. It is those stories that keep him with us, and are the most important thing you can carry for him.

From all of his friends, we would ask that you allow his family the time and space they may want and need to come to terms with this terrible Mike shaped hole that is left in their life, in our lives.

Goodbye Mike, you will be missed